The Basics

Stand-Up Cabaret Tables

Our stand-up cabaret tables are a great addition to any event by providing guest with place to mingle and move from place to place easily. By adding height to the existing banquet or round tables at an event, you also add an extra decorative dimension.

Six Foot Banquet Tables

We carry an assortment of six-foot banquet tables in either plastic or wood models. These are great for buffet lines, head tables, or graduation parties. Banquet tables are a necessity for all events for buffet serving lines or exhibitions.

Serpentine Tables

These tables add a decorative dimension to your buffet line and food display. They can be set-up in either half-arcs, "s" patterns, or full circles, however you dream the space to be. 

Round Tables

We carry round tables in 60 inches that seat eight guests, 48 inch tables that seat six guests, and 36 inch tables that can accomodate two to four guests.

Event Lighting

Lighting at an event for a prom, wedding, or banquet can make all the difference in the mood of the guests. Our technicians can work with you to create the perfect light. whether you are looking for up-lighting, colored lighting, columned lighting, decorative lighting, moving lighting, we have...

Dance Floor

Our dance floor comes in 3x3 sections and is customizable to your event. Our most common dance floor size is 21x21, which accomodates about 100 people and is made up of 49 pieces. The dance floor can be used indoors or outdoors, please contact us for details.


We offer two chair options for your backyard or formal sit-down event. The first chair option is a white, padded-seat garden chair. The second chair option is a folding chair that comes in one of two colors, either white or brown. Typically white chairs are used for weddings in either variety,...

Backyard Canopy Tents

We also offer backyard party canopy tents for casual events, family reunions, or graduation parties. These canopies give you an outdoor space to direct party-goers to, while protecting your guests from light rain and hot sun. These canopies are simple to set-up yourselves! These tents are available...

A Stage

The stage can be set up from 7" to 24" high wih or without stairs & handrails. A stage is ideal for the head table at weddings and also great at community events.